Impression The tiniest sapling A starting point to leap from A taste of what’s to come Firing up the synapses Sending a chemical signal That although small now will be heard loud and clear


Descend Take one last look Walk out Find a place Feel the wind Kneel Then dig   Claw Grab at the earth Create your burrow And then keep going Never look back up Just keep going   And as the light fades and you become tired and your muscles burn and your breathing becomes shallow […]

Orpheus and Eurydice

Orpheus and Eurydice It started with music So beautiful Matched by nothing Until he saw her Married, happy but temporary “Perfection is not made to last” Pursued by another she ran Far into the forest, to tragedy To the underworld Her beauty taken Mourning and shadowed in grief The music returned Beauty replaced by sorrow […]

War Face

War Face The paint’s gone Marks remain Mouth closed Still screaming Eyes bleached Pupils bloodstained I’ve seen horrors And now can see nothing else.