Story we create for ourselves

Story we create for ourselves Thoughts late at night A dress rehearsal Prepare the lines Go over the action Cue opening night The play’s been changed None of the lines connect Just standing confused Angry And now I’ve lost myself again.

Cut the Cord

Cut the Cord Moving, travelling forward to nowhere. Feelings, bottled up, reaching the back of the throat, choking, cutting off the air supply. False euphoria, travelling around the body, swimming in the mind. Just cut the cord.   Letting, the motor run, you’re still in neutral. Drinking, clinging onto the bottle, the lights have come […]

the moment just before “hello”

the moment just before “hello” a clean sheet to project hopes and assumptions on a blank character of 2 dimensions who needs to be fleshed out but let me feel in the gaps don’t break the fantasy don’t bring reality to the party let me just see you as I do without any flaws any […]

3 Monkeys

3 Monkeys Playing death and dumb Living with a blind eye Keeping my fingers crossed Looking to the sky   Saying a little prayer Talking in my mind Looking at you now I know it’s not easy to find   Struggling with thoughts What am I meant to say? It’s like we’re different people Our […]

Love Isn’t Enough

Love Isn’t Enough When you’re wandering lost And parts are fading away Love isn’t enough   When you look in the mirror And wish somebody else looked back Love isn’t enough   When the sky caves in And you huddle as a family Love isn’t enough   When you’re lying on your deathbed And your […]

Into Existence

Into Existence Swirling energy A vortex of silence Then comes a clashing of light and colour Dark and shade And out of nothing Comes something The dawn of a new age Open your eyes.