Stargazer Just that a gazer at a safe distance costs nothing but you gain even less just a headache when in bed the stars project on the ceiling and now they’ll never leave your head. Advertisements


Exodus It started with an assumption and went from there people flocking like birds migrating fear is a powerful tool especially when wielded like a toy but that doesn’t stop them they’ll use anything and now they’ve gone too far.

Paradise Lost?

Paradise Lost? Not sure about lost Perhaps never found In this intergalactic field Ours is but a mound   Still, this little world It has it perks, it’s true Some natural beauty for sure But it wont once we through   For the smartest species on the block You wouldn’t know by looking around A […]

Saved by the belle?

Saved by the belle? That belle’s got me simple as that the sound’s entrancing whether witchcraft or magic it’s all spellbinding   Still feeling the reverberations stuck in me head for days those ones you can’t shake but wouldn’t even if you could the song’s too sweet.

Once I Was A Child

Once I Was A Child Once a child now somewhere in between stuck in the transition from act to the next scene body changes but the mind needs to catch up when did life lose it’s shine? getting up is more of an effort; what I once owned is no longer mine.

Towards the Close

Towards the Close here’s the epitaph to that time: thought it was ahead but it’s in the rear-view mirror those dusty roads that stretch ahead don’t say anything they only suggest and there’s nothing on the radio just another dirge sounds like some sort of calling just over the engine and the car’s half-stalling but […]

Hopeless love of old passions

Hopeless love of old passions As the light expires and shadows grow Memories long forgotten silently return And though thy body is failing The mind goes on.   I do not regret or linger any except those passions of old Which now crowd my bedside and lift me from my slumber Oh, what loves I […]