Awakening I don’t have to look for a glimmer It’s already in me I don’t have to find courage It’s already in me I don’t have to search for enlightenment It’s already in me. Advertisements

In a place like this

In a place like this The walls are providing their own light a dream and nightmare rolled in one hazy rooms and tricky decisions which one will be the one? days are strict but at night anything goes especially in a place like this.

It’s the edge of the world

It’s the edge of the world Let spirit be your ferry to the world Go further than you ever dared imagine Haul yourself up the self-imposed mountains Take it all into your own hands Never stop reaching, never stop climbing Until you’re finally on that edge and then take a look in.


notion explore the darkest depths hidden from view the places untouched by life guarded by a hostile face and aggressive stance get through these and keep going find the humanity a notion of something more.

A Call To Arms

A Call To Arms Fill the sky with smoke Cloud the enemies’ courage Exploitation is at an end Tonight is a night for change   With our call to arms Let the sound of strength resound A quartet of ideas and principles; A calling to all those who love freedom