Girls & Boys

Girls & Boys Swiping through the options It’s an oversaturated market Organs are the commodity It’s just a business transaction Action first and talk after Grab it while you can Others are lining up Keep on swiping It’s all about availability Enter negotiations Here we go again Leave at just the right time Don’t get […]

The Next Day

The Next Day And if we just try to make the next day a bit better To be the best version of ourselves that we know how to be And if we stop pointing fingers and face our own reflections Start thinking about the whole instead of the individual Things could change..

All this talk of getting old

All this talk of getting old I used to be able to enjoy the world hear the sounds but the voices started faint at first but constant and always building now I hear nothing just those voices permeating every corner of my day every minute of my life like a cacophony of countdowns reminding me […]


Talk I just want to talk whether or not people listen say how it really is   I just want to talk about what’s going on the burning questions inside   I just want to talk and express something human reveal a little bit of honesty   Not always be so guarded.