confined to conformity

confined to conformity Look around and it’s all noise people pointing fingers people pushing you through I can’t see the sunshine   Walking in straight lines queueing for the chance of being treated right don’t worry the cameras are watching I can’t see the sunshine   Learn but don’t learn too much just stick to […]


Nowhere Going nowhere but down and seeing the light diminish whilst others simply step over the hole   Feeling that switch flick and the fallout that follows losing the control that was previously secure   But things can change and suddenly everything’s okay again and that’s what I’m waiting for.

To the Wonder

To the Wonder In corners Walking across bridges Occupying room Sat on a bench in crowded rooms Always moving forwards Trains are the start And trains are the end That connect the journey and all the other dreams we have.

I wanted to remember it all

I wanted to remember it all I wanted to remember it all the high and lows the fights and the arguments all the feelings everything that happened in a day the way you looked in the morning and at the night the way you got ready for bed what your touch felt like and the […]


Changes I’ve been going through a change Putting out the feelers and spending time on the road   I’ve been going through a change Looking above and taking strides on my path   I’ve been going through a change I’m not sure but i’m not scared.

At the beginning of all things

At the beginning of all things the most ordinary day in anybody’s life and yet it’s the one that stays with me a day that continues to live and never end the one that i’ve carried through everything   if I were faced with the choice to start over and begin anew I’d reply with […]

The End

The End …And that flame that I was protecting is now just a spark …And the heat that was warming me is now barely noticeable …And that light that kept everything bright is now growing dim And it’s finally time to acknowledge that the end is in sight.