we’re sick for the big sun

we’re sick for the big sun it’s a mosaic regardless of what the book says and make no mistake it’s fucking hard when you’re sick and have sickness all around you it’s hard to do the right thing when things go away but ask yourselves,“what can we forgive?” because when the sun goes it’ll bring […]

cigarette smoke in the bar

cigarette smoke in the bar turn on a light if you want to see the saddest place in town greasy-haired grouches sucking on empty bottles divorced desperate men clinging onto wedding rings woeful women chasing the thrills of years long since passed oh turn on a light if you want to see the saddest place […]


Wanderlust You’ve got a face that can’t be seen only once and now these itchy feet have got me going while my mind tries to remember the details on that night   so i’ll leave everything behind and set out on a quest board the earliest train and take a french leave anticipating the evening, […]

Tell Me Lies Later

Tell Me Lies Later Do we have to do this now? either way i’ll still be around it may be long in our time together but I know what i’ve found i’m not going to let the door close it took me too long to find and even though it’s clouded i still believe the […]