writer’s block

writer’s block no words no words No words noWords NO Wodrs NO WORDS. NO WORDS. NO WORDS.   ABstracT fragMented Enigmatic Strains Of Numbers codes aND piCtures scratches and frayed UnraveLLIng MinD Reaching reaching reaching But NO Words   no words no words no words-no words-no words words words words words words and letters letters […]

Acid Rainbows

Acid Rainbows Seeping Consuming Breathing in the sunlight Falling on the children Passing over the animals Saturating the days Making you hurt and happy It’s not going to stop

Homo sapiens

Homo sapiens I will eat you alive Circle you like a hive Sit you in the corner You wont mourn her And x will mark the spot See where the fly was swat They’ll be no more chat And that will be that.

Life’s a tricky customer

Life’s a tricky customer Life’s a tricky customer He knocks on the door early And although heavy handed He’s certainly not burly.   And there he waits patient Eyes fixed on his clock Although he holds the key He never attempts the lock.   Occasionally he gives a wave A friendly little smile And although […]

I Wish I Could Swim.

I Wish I Could Swim. What can you do if you’re sick of being you? Tailor another skin? Give being another spin? But what about the interior? Home of the ulterior? We know about the leopard Been taught about the shepherd But what if you’re a sheep? Not awake, but asleep In a half-realised dream […]

Articulate desires

Articulate desires It’s easy. Let the words form Trickle off the tongue Stutter if need be But always with honesty Never a false word spoken Stand tall in your courage Proud of the integrity Delight in the sensations The jittering For you have risked And no one can mute that fact.