One destroys the other

One destroys the other What happened? we said we’d never get like this we laughed about such things strolling through streets or occupying beds we were the mavericks independent and realistic now foolhardy and sour all the flavour’s gone left only with remnants of old resentments. Advertisements

yesterday don’t matter

yesterday don’t matter today the decision’s been made starting now i’m a magician i’m gonna disappear no need for goodbyes there isn’t an end but this the start i’m going out to seek see what I can find signs are there seeing them more maybe i’m just looking for ’em but they’re leading the way […]


apparition your portrait hung in my mind’s landscape a centrepiece that brought it all together more like a shrine as time went on my very own mona lisa with a suggestive smile that caught my thoughts on more than one occasion.


Blackouts gaps in the memory missing puzzle pieces I know I travelled far but time’s gone and faces are missing nothing left but power cuts and blackouts.

The Human Condition

The Human Condition I have this condition and it’s this condition that makes me who I am It encapsulates everything And as I grow, it grows   This condition causes me many things With suffering playing the protagonist But it also allows me to think and feel And I consider this a fair trade.