The Kid II

Years pass
No longer a child of god
His eyes now dark and sunken
His face heavily lined by scars and time
Blood lust constantly on his mind
Contaminating his thoughts
Looking older than his years
He is not the same.
Resentment and jealously
Brooding underneath
“Why follow when I can lead” thought the man
How to do it?
How to rid the world of Goliath?
With a mind such as his
With eyes always watching
and hearing bearing on the supernatural
“Dare I take the crown?”
Conflicted days come and go
Nights spent inches away
A dagger resting in hand
His heart pounding in his chest
The time to do it was slowly closing
It would have to be soon
When the moon is full.
Amdist the dying fire
Sat conversing and drinking
The man
The giant
Sat overlooking
The beam from the full moon falling on both

to be continued..


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