Orpheus and Eurydice

Orpheus and Eurydice

It started with music

So beautiful

Matched by nothing

Until he saw her

Married, happy but temporary

Perfection is not made to last”

Pursued by another she ran

Far into the forest, to tragedy

To the underworld

Her beauty taken

Mourning and shadowed in grief

The music returned

Beauty replaced by sorrow

Moving all

Living and dead

On paternal advice

Protected by Gods

He journeyed to the underworld

Captivating monsters and Gods alike

Even Hades

You can take Eurydice, but one condition: She

will follow but you cannot look back before the light

Or she will be lost for eternity.”

Ascending towards

the world getting close

But no footsteps could he hear

Faith began to dwindle

His mind raced

He turned.

There she was, standing behind

He reached out but she was dragged back down

Unable to return to the underworld again

They were parted once more

Grief filled him once more

The decision was made

The music turned into a call for death

A call for unification

The beasts began to circle

The song rising

I wont be long, love”

Have you left a seat for me?


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