Story of a lucky man

Story of a lucky man

He blinked

as he entered the world

and it already kneeled at his feet


He grew in stature and power

Wealth became a companion

Then became a slave


He was adored by women

and soon found a real companion

who birthed him an heir


He named him after himself

Gave him everything he could desire

but it wouldn’t be enough


He aged and grew bored

Returning to his first love and companion

Once again succeeding, he blinked


He was working when he was told the news

and buried his son in lavish style

His wife would not recover


He signed the divorce in the winter

and retreated behind walls and doors

A self exile from the everyday world


He grew old in despair

His looks long since taken

but still the wealth continued and would so even after he had passed.


And so he blinked once more.


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