Is this it?

Is this it? carve yourself out an existence with suave talk and a cool walk dress to impress and then step out this is a rags to riches story take a drag, go for glory starting to think? pick a drink you’ve got to be cunning you don’t want to know what you’re running from.

confessions on a beer-stained coaster

confessions on a beer-stained coaster yeah i’ve been drinkin’ and i know nothing i do is enough i treated you real bad always left you on your own but i’m thinkin’ clear and i guess i’m a hard man to get to know.   not sure i even know myself but i want to thank […]

a winsome smile

a winsome smile it started with a winsome smile before that life was simply vile one day I was just a face in a crowd now i’m flying with my head in the clouds I never knew someone could have such an impact and now I know that nothing is certain but curiously abstract