Anopia Dystopia

Anopia Dystopia the brave new world now stands tall and proud consumed by its own achievements taken with its own invention oh what an intelligence! if it would only pause and look below it would see that it is not standing on the shoulders of giants but those of slaves.

I saw her find it

I saw her find it never before had I seen such a mystery painted with a polite but empty smile and eyes that saw further than those of her years   she spoke of her mind but never her heart moved with thought but never with freedom and seemed destined to her mother’s fate   […]

battle from beginning to end

battle from beginning to end ignite that charge that fire that burns and rages cast it out into the cold view it through a steel gaze plant your footprint into the untouched snow sail on the harsh wind towards outreaching waters dig your fingernails into the earth and hoist yourself up to where you need […]