R. Crumb

R. Crumb “Keep on truckin’” you say From a family of dysfunction Carry on, it’s child’s play   Pick up that pencil and get to work Escape into your fantasies Draw those figures, show every quirk   Always go back to that coping mechanism Where the shoes are big and the women bigger An endless […]

Yellow Haze

Yellow Haze The recent past and the current present has been seen through a filter that has coloured everything in sight with such an impact that to try and see anything else is impossible when it started is unimportant but now it has descended I wish it never end.

That’s life

That’s life So you grabbed it and it was thorny Maybe it’ll teach you to think when you’re horny Balance between thinking and feeling Knowing when you should stand and when you should be kneeling But that’s just experience, man, and that just comes with time.

Looking through someone else’s lense

Looking through someone else’s lense Being blindly led and not questioning why Living for someone else Thinking about someone else Always taking orders from someone else Being someone else Not being me It’s time to disobey Clear my airway Because I don’t need something better I’ll settle for less

Do You See What I See?

Do You See What I See? Spelled out in today’s horoscope Like a light through a smoky haze Hitting like a heavy combination A sign of precious cargo that sails on past But thinking always comes later During the long drawn out night When voices and images emerge And my thoughts shout, “Did I hit […]

Where I End and You Begin.

Where I End and You Begin. Houses falling into the sea Life is drawing out Dreams are ending too soon A formative time It’s a long conversation And it’s all becoming fractured Splintering off Nothing is synchronized It’s slowly floating away.