Loneliness wont leave me alone

– Loneliness wont leave me alone Many, many days Different distractions for my mind, my eyes, my ears Moving location Seeing a different view Meeting new people Hearing new laughs Shaking them by the hand Standing in their circle But this loneliness wont leave me alone.


Escapism In the blink of an eye And there goes reality Falling through unknown space There is no time   Stretching out like gum Smiling with the tarmac sun Walking like the moon Riding a wave Running beside a waterfall Swimming inside the long grass and the mild air   Feet are growing roots Minds […]

I heard an unhappy ending

I heard an unhappy ending She loved him Adored him Served him   Every whim Every impulse She saw to   When she said the words His response was a wordless kiss   When she questioned him His reply was, “don’t you think I do?”   So she continued to love him Adore him Serve […]