Toothbrush We danced all night and spoke without sight At the first sign of day We left together and she said she’d stay Straight to the bedroom Caressed and tasted her perfume Then all the unspoken desire Came together like a spark into fire Then when down to the embers and ‘flies We embraced and […]


Interactions Sloooooow Slow it right down Till you’re almost not moving Till you’re nearly walking backwards Take it all in Everything Anything The faces The symmetry The coincidences Take a step back Just watch See the hidden language.


Need I’m the next act Standing by the side Gazing at the stage Looking at the audience Hoping they’ll clap for me   I’m just a stand in For when the star doesn’t get it Someone to hold place While they go to the bathroom Get a cup of coffee or tea   I’m a […]

Disappointed people

Disappointed people Walking Marching Heads hung low Searching In the bitter cold To the searing heat Looking for more Either in front Or up above Scrambling over one another To end up at the same point And then it comes And it’s so, so disappointing.