imagine. take the initiative to see more think more we’re not drones we don’t owe anyone anything we’re free-thinkers who were in caves and then flew to the moon and why? because we were curious we didn’t settle for what we knew and instead went after the unknown now if everyone was allowed to do […]


Backwards Let’s let it go now? has to be time covering the same ground when there’s something more   Or maybe hold on longer ride the waves bring us closer together I think we’ll be alright?

Only One

Only One One There’s only one and that’s all there will ever be The number of everything The number of you and the life you get Only one Run with it The present doesn’t wait.


WHY? I wonder to myself ‘why?’ What possible reason brought you back? Like the middle of a dream That at any minute i’ll awake And you’ll be gone But the feelings will stay with me   Why are you here? Suspicion swirls in my mind And memories rise to the surface Pulling me back into […]