Then nothing happened

Then nothing happened Come across another pair the shoes are comfy and they look great strut around with them on and people smile I smile back they feel great   Get used to them and feel like they’re mine stepping out further each time then the owner arrives I give them back watch him walk […]

On tenterhooks

On tenterhooks When you’re around I can’t just let it be I’d rather be in pain than have you ignore me What’s worse is you don’t feel it just because I do Is it something that only my mind is going through?

Spewing Spiteful Sludge

Spewing Spiteful Sludge Hearing the happy news Letting it linger Failing to fathom the feeling Brooding, becoming bitter Always on the attack Clever comment and comebacks Provoking pain and destroying the past; Strangers that used to stand side by side.

Girls & Boys

Girls & Boys Swiping through the options It’s an oversaturated market Organs are the commodity It’s just a business transaction Action first and talk after Grab it while you can Others are lining up Keep on swiping It’s all about availability Enter negotiations Here we go again Leave at just the right time Don’t get […]