I’m a ghost

I’m a ghost Phasing out I’m getting old and life looks different  not sure I recognise it people are turning away and i’m not sure why it used to be easier now everything takes effort even fading away. Advertisements


Vintage classic colour chords strummed across the sky giving that vintage finish sunburst yellow streaks vivid to the touch and darkening towards the horizon chasing and creating currents seeking a sonic exploration.


Stargazer Just that a gazer at a safe distance costs nothing but you gain even less just a headache when in bed the stars project on the ceiling and now they’ll never leave your head.


Exodus It started with an assumption and went from there people flocking like birds migrating fear is a powerful tool especially when wielded like a toy but that doesn’t stop them they’ll use anything and now they’ve gone too far.

Paradise Lost?

Paradise Lost? Not sure about lost Perhaps never found In this intergalactic field Ours is but a mound   Still, this little world It has it perks, it’s true Some natural beauty for sure But it wont once we through   For the smartest species on the block You wouldn’t know by looking around A […]

Saved by the belle?

Saved by the belle? That belle’s got me simple as that the sound’s entrancing whether witchcraft or magic it’s all spellbinding   Still feeling the reverberations stuck in me head for days those ones you can’t shake but wouldn’t even if you could the song’s too sweet.