we’re sick for the big sun

we’re sick for the big sun it’s a mosaic regardless of what the book says and make no mistake it’s fucking hard when you’re sick and have sickness all around you it’s hard to do the right thing when things go away but ask yourselves,“what can we forgive?” because when the sun goes it’ll bring […]

The battle rages on

The battle rages on when the dust settles and long-forgotten words reoccur light and dark will become one and the same and the true essence shall be communicated for it is through the silenced that indignation grows and what has gone before will be seen as an introduction – a culmination of callousness that brought […]

Hopeless love of old passions

Hopeless love of old passions As the light expires and shadows grow Memories long forgotten silently return And though thy body is failing The mind goes on.   I do not regret or linger any except those passions of old Which now crowd my bedside and lift me from my slumber Oh, what loves I […]

To be human

To be human Astonishing is the will and drive to find meaning in increasingly hostile circumstances   For the human spirit to seek out others and connect and care for one another   To knowingly face mortality with a certain dignity while death and old age continue to pick our pockets   We have been […]